Jennings Well Drilling, Inc of Richmond, MN

Complete Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal

Jennings Well Drilling was established in 1968.  Well drilling has been the family business since the early 1900s.  We are proud to provide over 100 years of well drilling experience along with 4 generations of knowledge.

Unparalleled Experience From 4 Generations of Well Drillers

When you’ve been drilling wells for 4 generations, you know what works and what doesn’t, what lasts and what’s doomed to fail. At Jennings, we put that knowledge to use every day and on every well we drill. We have high expectations from our crew members, and they never fail to meet them; they are hardworking, well trained, and honest, and we’re proud that they’ve chosen to work with us.

Our Services

Jennings Well Drilling is one of the few companies in the area with the knowledge, equipment, and experience needed to drill through granite. Our well drilling services include:

New Residential Wells

Commercial Wells

Farm and Irrigation Wells

Geothermal Wells

Granite Drilling

Additional Services

We can also help you to keep your existing well and its many components running as they should. This includes service and replacement of well pumps and well pressure tanks. We also provide water testing, rehabilitation, and sealing services. Contact us today, and we’ll put 4 generations of well drilling experience to work for you!

Monday through Friday 8am-5pm
7 day a week emergency service available