Well Drilling is Our Specialty

Well Drilling is in Our DNA

For over 50 years, Jennings Well Drilling, Inc. has been providing water well drilling, water systems, and pump services from our base in Richmond, MN. We’ve learned a lot about the process over the years, and that’s why we’ll never take shortcuts or use inferior products. We have one of the few rigs that is capable of drilling through granite. Jennings Well Drilling, Inc. can handle all well related work including well repair, well maintenance, well cleaning, well rehabilitation, and well abandonment.

Residential Well Drilling

Agricultural/Irrigational Well Drilling

Commercial Well Drilling

Geothermal Drilling

How the Well Drilling Process Works

Our well drilling process typically goes as follows:

1.) Survey & Cost Estimate

We’ll do an onsite inspection to determine how your well will be used, where it should be dug, and how deep we will have to drill. Next, we’ll offer you an estimate for the full cost of drilling the well.

2.) Contracts and Permitting

Once you’ve looked at our estimate and decided to proceed, we’ll have you sign a contract stating just what it is we’re going to do. Next, we’ll get the necessary permits and have all of the underground utilities marked out.

3.) Prep Work & Drilling

We’ll typically park our truck on a portable plate or pad, which helps protect your lawn. The derrick on the drilling truck will be aligned over your well’s location and raised. We will then drill until we’ve reached the right depth.

4.) Installing the Well Casing, Screen, and Gravel Pack

A PVC or steel pipe will be installed in the well to keep it from caving in, and a screen and gravel pack will be placed at the bottom of the casing to keep the pump system clean.

5.) Grouting

Next, we’ll grout and seal the casing to stop surface or sub-surface water from contaminating the new well.

6.) Installing the Pump & Tank

Now we’ll install a well pump and tank that will carry the groundwater to the surface for use.

7.) Well Inspection & Backfilling

Your well needs to be inspected before we can backfill it and the trench that contains the powerline for your well pump.

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