Well Pumps

We Install New Well Pumps

If you are building a new home with a well system, you’re going to need a well pump to bring water up to the surface of the earth to use. It’s important that when you turn on your faucet or flush your toilet, clean water appears. It’s critical that your well pump be properly sized and correctly installed to effectively meet your water demands. Trust the experts at Jennings Well Drilling, with over 50 years of well pump experience, to ensure that your new home has constant access to fresh water.

How Long Should a Well Pump Last?

Several factors contribute to the lifespan of a well pump. They will generally last up to 10-15 years but can fail sooner. Regular maintenance does tend to increase a pump’s life span. It is common for well pumps to fail with little to no warning. One day, you’ll turn on the tap and no water will come out of it, or you will lose water pressure mid-stream. Water that starts, stops, and starts again, may mean your well pump is in need of repair or shot altogether.

Call the Experts in Well Pumps
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If your well pump is beyond repair, if you’re building a new home, or if it is simply time to upgrade your current pump, we would be happy to discuss your options with you and provide you with a free estimate for a new pump and installation costs. We carry what we consider to be the best well pumps in the industry, including Franklin and Grundfos brands. Call us today for more information.

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