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Jennings Well Drilling, Inc. Will Diagnose and Repair Your Well Issues

You don’t realize how much you and your family rely on clean, fresh water until you don’t have it. If you’re experiencing problems with your well, it may be a pump, switch, or tank issue. While you’ll find plenty of DIY advice on the internet, for your safety, we suggest you seek the help of a professional. Misdiagnosing the issue could also lead to excessively costly repairs or even necessitate purchasing a new pump.

We specialize in pressure tank installation and repair, well pumps, well rehabilitation, and well sealing. The experts at Jennings Well Drilling, Inc. have extensive experience in diagnosing and troubleshooting well malfunctions. We always provide free estimates before beginning any work. Contact us for information.

Symptoms of Well Problems

  • No Water at the Faucet: Pressure switch may have failed
  • Water Sputters Out of the Faucet: Water table may be lower than the pump
  • Cloudy or Murky Water: Sediment may be entering the pump
  • High Electric Bill: If your pump runs steady, you’ll notice a spike in your utility bill

Have Your Well Components Serviced Regularly

Your well is critical to your life. It’s very difficult to run a home or business without water. That’s why you should consider having your well and its components serviced regularly. This helps catch any minor issues before they become a major problem. Jennings Well Drilling can visually inspect your well, well pump, and pressure tank to ensure they remain in top working order, and so that you will be better prepared when they reach the end of their usefulness.

  • Well pump repair and maintenance
  • Pressure tank repair and maintenance
  • Storage tank repair and maintenance

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7 day a week emergency service available